Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 15th Meeting

The traveling dolls premiered their new hair and underwear.

Panda Lee, Alexandra, Roxanne, The Good Witch of the South and Gianna Carlotta

Our dolls are decked out in new hairdos and each one received underwear appropriate for their character.  We dollmakers had so much fun developing the story of each doll through the hair and the base apparel.  You know everyone looks under a doll's skirt so the under garments are critical.

Next step in the Traveling Doll Challenge is CLOTHES.  At our June 21st meeting all of the dolls will have new outfits.  This is so fun to see them all evolve!

This month we had an additional challenge that was not as easy as it sounded.  We made a doll from a wood clothes pin.  Some of us struggled to come up with an idea while Suzie made a whole geisha house full of girls. 

The creativity is wonderful in this group!

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