Thursday, April 26, 2012

2012 Traveling Dolls

The start of something good! 

We had so much fun with our traveling dolls last year we decided to do it again.  To start, we each made a body with head and face along with the beginning of a story journal.  As the dolls go along the story grows and the dolls get more complete.  Above are the dolls that came to our March meeting.  After a photo session, we traded dolls so the girls could go home with a new doll maker to add arms and legs as well as another segment of the story.


Here are the girls (yes, they all turned out to be girls) all together at the April meeting of Dolls With Arty Attitudes with arms and legs to match their personalities and styles.  Isn't this fun!  

We traded dolls again - no one can have the same doll twice - to add the hair and underwear.  Can't wait for the May meeting to see them with new hair.  Well, all except Panda Lee who started with hair as part of her head! 

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