Sunday, June 24, 2012

June Meeting - The ladies are together again

Clothed in new attire, the 2012 Traveling Dolls gathered to share their adventures.

Stella, Alexandra, Carlotta Gianna, Roxanne and Panda Lee

Oh my have they had the adventures!  From a start of head and body to now.  The next, and last, step in their travels is accessories.  Won't that be fun! 


Roxanne, Alexandra, Panda Lee, Stella and Carlotta Gianna

Member Creations:
Charlie became owner of many porcelain doll heads.  She found a picture of a Victorian hat shops and knew that was an excellent use of the doll heads.  She built a hat shop to scale and furnished it completely.  All of the porcelain heads are modeling a hat in the first floor shop.  Second floor is the sewing room where the hats are hand made.   Charlie made everything except a few of the pieces of furniture.
Very impressive!



Two club members, Diane and Ronda, are working on their entries to the 2012 Hoffman Challenge.
They brought their gals for a preview and some advise from the club. 

Once again we show our unique styles and techniques.  Both started with the same piece of fabric and set of rules and the results are so different!
The dolls need a few more embellishments and they will be sent off to the constest to vie for a place in the traveling trunk shows. 

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