Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elinor Peace Bailey Challenge

The challenge was issued.
We each took a fabric to use for our own Silver Wing.  Wow what a challenge for some of us.  We are just not used to using that much color at least not for the skin! 

But she is a fantasy figure so we gave it a go!

Our newest doll maker and most color adventurist Lisa finished her doll first. 
And, entered her into a calligraphy event.  
Lisa is a very talented calligrapher. 
The other girls made it to the May meeting while Lisa's girl was still in Olympia
 being admired by the masses. 
In June we all together for their group photo to send to Elinor as a testament to our challenge.
A colorful group of dolls that were most definitely out of our comfort range and a delightful challenge.  Thank you Elinor Peace Bailey for the fun!

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